“Always friendly, always helpful and produce is always fresh and well priced! They go above and beyond to help everyone.”
- Tracey Holmes Carter, via Facebook.com

“A great selection of fresh produce. Something for every need. Highly recommended!”
- Craig Gomm, via Facebook.com

“Lovely staff, good variety.”
- Rachel Corbould, via Facebook.com

“Boz’s has injected new life and a vibrancy into the village since they opened in Horsell. The very first time I shopped there, (when they were cash only), I only had a card and the local cash machine was out of order. Mick, who served me, said to pay next time I came in; I’ve never bought fruit and veg anywhere else since! The fact that they have won business of the year for the second-year running is no fluke! Well done boys and girls, you work unbelievably hard and deserve all the accolades!”
- Alison Southwell, via Facebook.com

“I go regularly to Boz’s shop in Horsell. The service there really is a cut above the rest. The staff are super friendly, the fruit and veg is really fresh and delicious and very well priced. I really enjoy my trips there and not only are they great with my kids when I take them, but they are so helpful! This morning Boz's youngest brother helped pick up my shopping basket (heavy with groceries!), packaged it all up and then escorted me to the other side of the road with my groceries and took an umbrella to keep me dry - you don't get better than that! They are always happy to let you taste things and often give little bits for the kids to try too. Worth an extra trip to a special place. Thanks so much!”
- Claire Leigh, via Facebook.com

“I shop in Boz’s Horsell at least twice a week. All the staff in there are just amazing and go the extra mile in making sure all their customers are being looked after. My son Oscar is particularly fond of Avdo who is just brilliant with him. The fruit and veg is 1st class so much, my Dad comes over from Guildford to shop there.”
- Sarah Roberts, via Facebook.com

“I only buy what I want and I can check the quality myself. The staff are marvellous: cheerful, helpful and always amusing.”
- Fran Hall, via Facebook.com

“What’s not to love? Delicious, fresh and varied fruit and vegetables, reasonably priced and I can buy just what I want.”
- Sarah Nuttall, via Facebook.com